Oct 14th Meeting recap

Another quarterly meeting past, and for those of you that were not there, here is a brief recap

Usual topics:
Water bill – How expensive individual hook ups are. It’s been discussed several times that the cost is just too high and not worth changing everyone over. By the time we would all chip in and get it done, the cost will be so out there that most of us will not live long enough to see the benefit. There was discussion on ways to save water and cut costs, one board member suggested everyone switch to low flush toilets. Make it mandatory. There was even talk of trying to get a by-law to state as much. We must all comply otherwise charge us a special assessment until we can prove we have new toilets.

Good news! We are all caught up on the water bill… at the moment. Even with the special assessment, they are only collecting about $11,000 per month but we owe the water company $15,000. By December we will be back in the hole. (Merry Christmas)

Leaky roofs – Another hot topic as I don’t think many people in the community have roofs that don’t leak. The roof people come out and do a patch job. This is not a solution, its putting a small Band-Aid on a big problem. The roof situation has gotten so out of hand. By the time one leak gets fixed there is another. What is being done to try and control this problem? What is the solution?

Special Assessment fees/ Monthly payments- Tired of getting that special assessment every year? Don’t worry about it for 2016. The monthly rate is going to go up so you will have a higher fee every month instead of just 4 months out of the year.

Non-Payers… 366 units, only 260 are paying. Who is paying for those other 106? We are. What is being done about it?

And last but not least… We created a safety committee. The people that signed up will get an assigned area and walk it periodically to make sure there are no hazards.

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