Board President Resigns

As 2015 came to an end, the Board of Burnt Tavern Manor says goodbye to it’s President, Martin McDermott.   Mr. McDermott, residing at 100 Northrup Drive, said he had been a member of the Board for several years and had served in various positions.  With the close of 2015, he has notified the Board and the Association of his immediate resignation.

As President, he had the support of many who felt his desire to make a difference for our community, and he was looked to be the catalyst for honest change.  An undisclosed term, as President, was surrounded by claims of Board improprieties and mismanagement.  As Mr. McDermott struggled to realign Board representation and accountability, to the Association and it’s members, evidence of a lack of general unity among the Board members overshadowed his efforts.   The lack of unity has resulted in a missing 2014 Financial Statement and further allegations of mismanagement.

It is generally said, Mr. McDermott, a Speech professor at Brookdale College in Lincroft, NJ, would be an asset to the Board and the Association.  He has always shown a desire to do the best for the community.

It is hoped, Mr. McDermott will find success in his future endevours.

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