BTMUA – 2016 Water and Sewer summary

BTMUA – 2016 Water and Sewer summary

At the end of 2015, we were fortunate to have discovered the threat to our financial stability, as a community.  As our community watched anxiously, of a looming scheduled “Tax Sale” rapidly approaching, by the Bricktown Municipal Utilities Authority, many of us wondered if an economic collapse by a lien across the entire property would occur.  With the demand for an increase of transparency, Burnt Tavern Manor Condo residents watched as the threat was removed, by bringing the irresponsible and overdue debt up to date.

To maintain increased transparency, as is the legal rights of the owners of Burnt Tavern Manor Condominium, as with all such communities, a list of payments and billings, by and to the Bricktown Municipal Utilities Authority.

This list of payments dates, with copies of the actual BTMUA update below.

  • 1-19-2016
  • 3-16-2016
  • 4-19-2016
  • 5-31-2016
  • 7-25-2016
  • 8-23-2016
  • 9-9-2016
  • 12-9-2016
  • 1-27-2017

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