Board Meeting – 10-5-2017 Recap

10/5/2017            BTM Board Meeting

Prior notice listed the board meeting at our recreation bldg. at 6:30 pm

No agenda was included with notice

Board Attendees:

                Nick Vala Jr

                Peter Alvarado

                George Bischoff

                Mary Anne Butler Hayes

                Marie Check

The Board read & voted on approval of Association Meeting Minutes of 4/2017 noting election by motion.

27 sales closings in 2017

4 sales currently pending

Many roofs redone and many others as partial repairs

Many owners were charged with paying for their own skylights replacement.

                Claimed custom sizes of existing skylights (not standard sizes after 30 years)

                Said to be costing the individual owner at least $1800 per unit.

The book-keeper (Gina) was said to have been making calls at night to collect delinquencies.

Comments were made about a lack of support at a town meeting about the “Neighborhood Watch” program.

Mary Anne Hayes included much comment about Laurelton Woods plans for repairs and financing and financial situation.

Conversation included parking restriction requested near the bus stop.

Mary Anne Hayes stated the ARC organization has had an in-house office on BTMCA as required and has since the beginning.

7:30pm Meeting Adjourned

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