Heat Wave Danger

Heat Wave Danger

July 1, 2018.  Police are called to 141 Northrup Drive for neighbors’ concerned about the safety of a dog out on an upper balcony.  With reports of the sounds of heavy loud panting heard all the way to the parking lot, it was apparent the dog was in dire distress and urgent need of help.

Climbing over the balcony, neighbors came together to help an abused and neglected dog.  The dog forced to stay on the balcony in the burning sun, suffering from heat stroke.  The dog was found to be laying on it’s back and foaming from the mouth.  Neighbors covered the dog with wet towels in hopes to cool and relieve the suffering.  The unresponsive dog was taken to the veterinary hospital.

As reported by neighbors present, in the previous week, multiple complaints were presented to the Property Management Company, Metro Associates, but resulted in no apparent action being taken.

Multiple attempts to reach the landlord, eventually resulted in discovering a phone number for the tenant, who had yet to be found, as of 6:00 PM.

It should be noted that a welcomed thanks is extended to the caring neighbors who contacted the Brick Police for assistance, and the courage shown in coming to the aid of a suffering animal in need.  We would also like to recognize the response of the Brick Police officers with their full assistance to rescue one so in need.


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