Just another cost to the owners.

Take 1 irresponsible condo owner,
who is a wanna be truck driver.

One oversized truck.

Some rain-soak ground. That a freshly loaded truck,

with it’s huge new weight,

which easily sinks into the muddy dirt.

And you get a tow truck to pull it out.

So on this Sunday, March 3, 2019, when the usual appearance of questionable move outs occurs, a driver attempts to bring a rental truck around one side of 83 Brandywine Ct. to no avail, and eventually backs out to the parking lot, nearly scraping parked cars, before navigating around the other side of the building. After many attempts to maneuver around the wet and muddy yard, while spinning the truck’s tires repeatedly and throwing mud and grass creating ruts, the driver finally backs up to the patio with a sudden stop.

Later, once the truck was fully loaded, the driver spun the truck’s tires once again to throw more mud and grass, until the weight of the truck was no match for the soft sinking mud.

And so, the reason an experienced driver never drives onto ground almost certain to trap a truck and prove the driver was wreckless and showed no regard for others property.

This may seem like an unfortunate mishap for the driver. With all the cost of heavy duty towing. The lost time of sitting and waiting. Maybe even the expense of additional time on the truck rental.

This is actually a major expense for the repair of the lawn. Possible replacement for broken sidewalks. Maybe even broken curbs. Water and gas lines not designed to have so much weight placed upon them. The cost could end up being a worse case of tens of thousands. Not something the average person would want to receive a bill for.

But, wait a minute. I would be referring to the costs that the condo owner, at 83 Brandywine, would be legally responsible to pay to the Burnt Tavern Manor Condo Association. Just like the Master Deed requires.

But then there is the historical evidence. The owner isn’t billed. Isn’t required to do anything. And all the other condo owners are deceptively forced to pay for any and all repairs. And for that we are expected to say “thank you for your generous efforts to be responsible to all the owners”.

I didn’t mention who we are to be thankful to. The Board? The property management? The buddy of the condo owner causing the extra expense?

More better to say, “No Thanks to stealing from all of us”.

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