Stop Closed Door Voting!

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BTMCA members – Coalition
Demand for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Stop Closed Door Voting by the Board

– a Direct Violation of NJ State Law –
– a Direct Violation of BTMCA Master Deed –
– a Direct Attack on the Homeowners to Steal Their Property –

Recently the Board has begun having closed door meeting to pass resolutions and amendments and gone so far as to attempt to legitimize their private decisions by recording documents in Ocean County to change our Master Deed.  The Board has no legal authority to make changes to Our Master Deed, and by attempting to do so is attempting to by-pass all legal rights of the homeowners of Burnt Tavern Manor Condominium Association.  This is a direct attack to steal our rights and our property and our money.

NJ State Law and our Master Deed prohibits any binding vote by Closed Door Voting.  The Board is limited to the administration of business activities of BTMCA and forbidden from changing our Master Deed.  The homeowners are the only authority to make changes to our Master Deed.

This petition is a call to stop this illegal activity by the Board of Directors and their cohorts and to put a stop to the illegal Closed Door Voting.  It is a demand for the group to be provided the NJ State required Alternative Dispute Resolution meeting to resolve these issues.

*Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a NJ State Law requirement of all condominiums to provide a way to resolve disputes by mediation, and to possibly prevent legal actions.

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