Privacy Policy

Because this site is designed for the communication between the homeowners/members of Burnt Tavern Manor Condominium Association, there will never be any selling or distribution of information pertaining to personal information beyond any expressed purposed specified on this site.

Simply, unless we say your info (and specifically what info) is to be used, we won’t give it to anyone.

All names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc, that is requested is for the sole purpose of monitoring who is using the site to remove those who are no longer owners in the association. And for the communication of information to and from this website and the owners of the association.

Petitions, and similar forms that collect information, will use the minimal information needed to qualify a valid petition for it’s intended use, as stated on the petition.

Under no circumstances, will your information ever be used for purposes of selling or spamming.  This site was not set up for that purpose and will never be used as such.

– The BTMAmembers staff