Jan 2017 – “Annual Meeting ? “

Our January 2017 Annual Meeting???

Here it is Feb 3, 2017, and once again, no legally required meeting.  No ‘ANNUAL’ meeting as required by our Master Deed and By-Laws; AND as required by the State of NJ.  Once again the Property Management controlled Board is deciding to remove our rights and our money for personal gain, just as has been done by these same folks for decades.  When the Paul Hayes Management/ Metro Associates LLC office staff was asked why there was no annual meeting, they replied, “They were planning to have a meeting in January, but, everyone in the office was sick so cancelled the plans”.  So, like the previous 2 meetings, that were also cancelled, due to Paul Hayes being said to be sick, we continue to suffer a dictatorship of the Property Manager.  And when asked “Why are we robbed of our rights, because of a hired contractors’ illness?”, we get the “no answer silent response”.

Ask yourself, “Why doesn’t George Bischoff, Board President, or Peter Alvarado, Vice President, commit to their responsibilities and demand these required meetings?”.  So far history of their actions have shown they ONLY do what the Property Manager “tells” them to do.  They have never displayed any actions or concerns, to benefit our community, as they are responsible to carry out.

We can only wonder how our Board members sleep knowing they are accessories to theft and crimes against all of the members.  That, they themselves are accessories to ‘malfeasance’ and could be found personally liable to lawsuit and criminal charges.  Fortunately, “CRONYISM” is not a legal excuse.


*** It should be noted, we, as a corporation and condominium, have it spelled out in our governing documents, any or all of the members of the board, aren’t even required to attend the meetings.  That goes for any or all officers, as well.  So again, it raises the questions about George Bischoff and Peter Alvarado, “When will they work to the benefit of the community and not the protection of the Property Manager’s contract and wallet?”

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