Our Candidates!!!!!

Our Candidates!!!!
…….. a list of the unknown

In the year 2020, the State of NJ passed the Radburn Act into law. This was the result of the area of Radburn, in northern New Jersey, being so fed up with corruption and the hi-jacking of homeowners rights and property and, of course, their money.

And should I mention, the lack of transparency; the lack of meetings; the lack of open voting; the lack of open honest elections; the threats of lawsuits; the constant threat of special assessments. All designed to control the homeowners.
A key purpose of the Radburn Law, was to protect an association’s members rights, from corrupt vendors, contractors and malsfeasance by board members. Radburn had suffered a racketeering style of control.

For transparency, the Radburn Law requires 3 key components for elections, meetings and voting.
Elections – must notify anyone not in good standing at least 30 days before the election. The notice must also state the owner’s right to an Alternative Dispute Resolution.

  • – The meeting notice must contain a “SAMPLE BALLOT“, plus an “ABSENTEE BALLOT” plus a “PROXY“. AND all must be clearly labeled so association members can clearly differentiate among proxies, absentee ballots and a sample of the “in-person ballot”.
  • – Key components of the SAMPLE, ABSENTEE and PROXY, is the requirement of clarity and non-bias information that must be written on each. Any attempt to sway any voting, by intimidation or threat, or crafted wording to offer only bad choices in hopes of influencing voters. The results may easily fall under election tampering and could easily result in major costs for an association, from legal costs and state government stepping in to force new voting with mediators to oversee every aspect, and even liability of owners suing the association, its board members and all involved. Potentially, a massive expense for any association, payable by a special assessment of the owners.
  • – Another key component, and probably the most important. The list of candidates. And one simple, open and transparent feature. A separate blank line for each board seat to be filled, in our case 5 seats, and this is for “WRITE-IN CANDIDATES“. This single feature permits the association’s owners to avoid voting a packed ballot and avoiding a stolen election process.
  • – And “CLOSED DOOR VOTING” isn’t permitted. All ballots must be counted in the open. No more going off into a side room.

So what about our candidates? The Board approved a list of names to send to us. A list of candidates, who had been required to fill out a form with both background and why the candidate wanted to run for the Board. Something typically referred to as “disclosure”. But we were just supplied a list of names, with no “disclosure” of who they are and if they have any connections. It is hoped, this article will shed a little light on the candidates, and remove some of the shadows.

Dennis Knight: a resident owner, at 138 Northrup Dr.

Gina Rohn: a resident owner, at 124 Brandywine Ct.

Joe Saliola: Current president of the board. A resident owner at 52 Northrup Dr.

John Fever: A resident owner at 409 Central Blvd East.

Nicholas “Nick” Vala Jr: Current member of the board. A resident owner at 113 Brandywine Ct.

Pasquale “PJ” Storino: Associated with Papa Sierra Properties LLC, a non-resident owner of 11 Northrup Dr.

Peter Alvarado: Current Vice President of the board. A resident owner at 13 Brandywine Ct.

Our Candidates!!!!
…….. a better list.

It is strongly suggested to learn all you can about each candidate. Vote for the candidates you believe will do the most for the community and to promote and protect your rights.

Immediately prior to posting, the actual candidates bios were received and are available. Please click on the names of each candidate to download the information provided by each candidate.

**Note: This article originally listed public information, easily obtained from a Google search. Since that information could create bias upon any candidate, it has been removed in favor of the focus being placed on the bios that the candidates have written for themselves.

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