“Special” may be an understatement at best.

Just one of the illegal “Closed Door Voting” actions being attempted by the Board of Directors, is the transfer of ownership, off the responsibility of the Burnt Tavern Manor Condo Association, and onto the backs of the unit owners. Even though, the homeowners and members of our association, never heard one request for agreement; never attended one meeting for discussion; never cast even one single vote; the Board of Directors has reportedly spread their typical deceptive story, “this was something agreed to long ago“.

The Deception: 
     How to get over on the homeowners, by getting past the legal issues;
          1) First, keep repeating to the owners what you want them to believe.  
              (This requires making sure the victims don't know the truth)
          2) Next, write an official looking document to say the members were in agreement.
              (Of course, the victims are prevented from finding out, as long as possible)
          3) Use a supporting attorney, to record the fraudulent document in the county.
               (It's not real until it's recorded in the County.  Only then does it appear legit.  But only in appearance.)
          4) Those involved with the deception, hope;
                  a) No one finds out
                  b) No one calls - a lawyer; or the cops; or the Dept of Community Affairs; or NJ State Attorney General.
                      **Note: The Business Rule won't protect the individual Board of Directors against "malfeasance".

As of April 14, 2021, one new document, used to amend our Master Deed, using Closed Doors Voting and claimed by the Board of Directors, to be legit and in full agreement of the members of our Association, would cause the transfer of responsibility for all “windows, skylights and doors” to the unit owners, as a personal expense.

This, of course is also added with the deceptive story-line, “the owners know they are responsible”. So if you repeat to the owners, “they are responsible” enough times, it seems more believable? At least, as long as no one learns the truth.

The Board of Directors, then had their supporting attorney, create and record an official amendment, in Ocean County, to add legitimacy. But, the amendment says, we the owners are in full agreement with a change to our Master Deed. That, we the owners in full agreement to change every one of our neighbors legal property. Even if it violates every owners’ deed, condo agreement, mortgage agreement, or steals a huge amount of personal property and money from each of us.

To put this in simpler terms; You and your neighbor agree to split the cost of paying, the kid down the street, to shovel snow off your sidewalks. Let’s say you agree to each pay $10, so the kid gets $20 to do the shoveling. When the kid finishes, you find out the agreement was re-written by the kid in a clever but deceptive way. He goes to your door to collect his $20. He says your neighbor will give you $10, so you pay the kid $20. He then goes to your neighbor with the same story, “your neighbor will give you $10”, so the neighbor pays the kid $20. You both later find out the kid told you half truths, in order to deceive and to collect $40. The kid is long gone and you and your neighbor have just paid twice the cost.

You and your neighbors (the Association) make an agreement (the Master Deed) with a kid (the Board of Directors) to handle some maintenance (repairs to the windows and doors – aka; common areas).
You and your neighbors (and all owners before) pay (maintenance fees) for the repairs, (monies to be held in reserve).
The kid (the Board of Directors) tells you and each of your neighbors that “everyone knows they are responsible for their own repairs” (the half truth).
___Truth 1: Each owner must pay maintenance to repair common areas (in this case windows and doors), AND
___Truth 2: Each owner is personally responsible to repair GLASS (limited common area) of their windows and slider doors.
So half of one truth mixed with half of another truth to make one total lie, made to sound true.
___The Lie: “Each owner knows they are responsible to maintain and repair their windows and doors.”

FACTS: Unit owners may not own structural framing components of the walls and roof, as these are common areas, as stated in our Master Deed.  Also, as stated in the Master Deed, as unit owners, we are only responsible to maintain and repair the "glass" of the windows and sliding door panels, for those with sliding doors, as the glass is limited common areas.

We have all paid for windows and doors replacement, for decades, in our maintenance fees. So why such a deceptive move by the Board of Directors. What are they trying to cover up? Loss of funds? Mis-management? Malfeasance? Theft?

So how much are we talking about here? There are 366 units in our Association. 70 Townhomes, 152 one story apartments and 144 two story apartments (Twin Lake townhouses). But, just how many windows and doors. And each style of unit has different quantities. And some are corner units and some are interior units with different quantities. This can be really hard to figure out. Are we talking a property shift, and or money value change? Would this have a major impact on home values and prices?

If, what the Board of Directors are attempting were legal, the homeowners would be forced to take on, as a personal exp (an extra cost from your pocket, separate from your maintenance fees) of all the windows and doors of your unit. Costs that the Association has always been responsible to pay for, through your maintenance fees, as a common expense.

The monetary cost – $5 MILLION DOLLARS. A special assessment of killer proportions.

This chart shows the breakdown per unit owner, to show how much out-of-pocket money is involved. Using typical costs for materials and labor, based on today’s prices. Each year that goes by, the cost will go up.

Thank goodness this is all illegal………
……………………..unless we do nothing.

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