Closed Door Voting – NJ says illegal

What you don't see WILL be expensive...

Closed Door Voting by the Board causing signs of shady actions by the Board of Directors, in a business as usual manner. We have long seen the deceptive and undisclosed tactics of the previous property manager, but is it still the same malfeasance and wrong doing? Just a different name?

Recently, we have been witnessed to the sudden reveal of a Resolution. An amendment. And a declaration of new costs and the threat of special assessment to cover up the wrong doing of the board. And all from the result of “Closed Door Voting” by the board. No mention of meetings. No notice of voting by the owners of Burnt Tavern Manor Condominium. No option to decide how we would spend our monies. Nor option to decide to change our Master Deed. The actions of the Board has been to strip all rights from the owners. All rights of ownership and joint agreement as stated by our Master Deed agreement and protected by NJ State law. Rights that the Board is attempting to rip from us once more.

In a recent conversation, Peter Alvarado, a board director, and Amandine DiSanto, of Pinnacle Property Management, claimed the Board has acted with full authority, referring to the “Closed Door Voting”. It would seem that Peter and Amandine do not care about the rights and property of the owners and hope to bully their way through, while turning a blind eye to the law.

Though the Board has a very long history of violations and deceptive business practices, it seems that ignorance of the law still rules within the Board. As the integrity of Pinnacle Property Management was not previously in question, Ms. DiSanto has created a great deal of doubt and suspicion upon this new company.

As NJ State Law states, “Closed Door Voting” by the board is non-binding and unenforceable. This is also what our Master Deed states. In simple terms, the recent resolution and amendment secretly voted and recorded by the board are fraudulent and would not hold up in court.

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