Annual Meeting – 2+ yrs of waiting

It was finally announced, by general email from Pinnacle Property Management, that the long overdue annual meeting of the Burnt Tavern Manor Condo Assn will happen on July 28, 2021 at 4:00 o’clock. By Zoom.

So let’s say that the years of abuse, by the former property management and the board, with the lack of response to our requests, or bullying threats to our comments, or outright denial of information and meetings, just wasn’t bad enough. Many are questioning, the timing of this meeting. Our Master Deed even calls for meetings to be “a time and place most likely to allow the maximum number of members to attend“.

Was this prompted to gloss over the recent petition being signed, over our concerns, to stop the board members acting in bad faith?

Even though Zoom has become more widely used, during the pandemic, it is still not used by many of our community. This may force some to be unable to attend.

The vast majority of our community, who have bills to pay, will likely find it difficult to impossible to leave work to be able to attend a meeting at 4:00 o’clock, on a Wednesday. So this may force some to be unable to attend.

As the timing and conditions for this meeting, seemed to continue a pattern of deception, a phone conversation with Jeff Dyer, owner of Pinnacle Property Management, revealed that Jeff “has had numerous Zoom meetings with many associations and didn’t consider the time of the meeting to be of concern”.

Then there’s the GENERAL PROXY attached. A proxy seen many times before. A proxy used by the former property management to robbed the honest members of our community of their right to vote and decide. This new proxy is just an updated version of the same, used by Maryann Butler Hayes. A proxy supported and defended by the board’s attorney, even when it had no legal signatures. A significant change to the wording has now made it perpetual. Simply, you sign and you never have a personal say again. Unless of course, you revoke it. How many votes and decisions can happen before you even know they happened. If the deceptions of old continue, the answer is, more stars than are in the heavens.

During a phone conversation, with Jeff Dyer, owner of Pinnacle Property Management, he was asked about the serious wording of this GENERAL PROXY. Jeff stated, the proxy was picked from available documents that came from Maryann Butler Hayes, of Metro Associates. When asked about the “perpetual nature” of the proxy wording, Jeff stated, “Anyone who isn’t comfortable with it, should not sign it“.

We couldn’t agree more, with Jeff. The combined thought on common sense – Don’t sign all your rights away.
During the phone call, Jeff stated, he would be sending out an agenda for the upcoming meeting about two weeks ahead of time. So receiving a proxy before being told why we should sign over your rights?

We strongly urge everyone to attend the meeting. Or have someone attend for you and record the meeting. As this is a meeting on Zoom, and as of this writing, there is no agenda presented so far, it raises the question – Why a GENERAL PROXY? If there is no voting or binding decisions, why ask to take our voting rights away? A legal condition of proxy is to provide full disclosure of WHY and WHAT rights are to be given by proxy agreement. Anything less can void an agreement as deceptive and misleading.

For anyone who feels a need to submit a proxy, we have a specific and limited proxy for this annual meeting. We suggest waiting, until some form of agenda is received. Once received, our proxy will be updated as needed, to protect your rights as a member of our community and protect your right to vote as you intend. DOWNLOAD PROXY

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