”So who is making the decisions?”


There have been a lot of changes/discussions in the past year. We have talked about the water bill/usage and options on how to save on water (low flow toilets, separate meters, etc.) discussions on the pool, driving on the lawn and what to do about it, web sites, committees, assessments, people that aren’t paying, fees, leaky roofs; the list is endless. So who is making the decisions? The Board. Who is on the Board? In case you have missed the last few meetings and elections here is a review of who is on the Burnt Tavern Board

Mary Anne Butler Hayes – President of Metro Associates / Secretary of the Board and Treasurer?

Marie Check– VP of Metro Associated / Assistant Secretary of the Board

George Bischoff – Landlord of property in Burnt Tavern/ Vice President of the Board.

Martin McDermott – Resident/ President of the Board.

Peter Alvarado – Resident/ Trustee of the Board.

Paul Hayes – CEO of Metro Associates/ I’m not really sure what his function is on the Board in present day but he was on the ballot for the April election and managed to get 103 votes.

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