Tennis Courts – Really?

In a letter to the editors:

CC wrote;

“How can they even call this a tennis court? This is the current condition of our so called tennis court.”


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  1. This condition of the poor quality of repairs and maintenance was previously remarked by the Board of Directors as “We have never had an expert tell us the repairs were inadequate”.

    For those who don’t know, you won’t find any “experts”. You can find thousands of qualified architects and engineers and building inspectors who will tell you that the repairs on the tennis courts, like the same style repairs all around our community, are sub-par, sub-standard, inferior workmanship and totally unacceptable for payment.

    Anyone who has ever walked on a properly made sidewalk, you immediately know when you are walking on a tripping hazard and poorly made sidewalk. So there you are, ‘all experts’ on how a sidewalk should look and feel. After all, if you can tell something is wrong just by looking at it, it surely is.

    Unfortunately, the property management considers this the best we deserve. And the Board apparently has agreed by its stern rejection of our complaints against such inferior work. And a willingness to use our money to pay for poor repairs.

  2. this is terrible. who is responsible for the sloppy repairs????

  3. Is this a repair? Why didn’t they use a qualified contractor. My cat could have done a better job.

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