Board Confesses to Wrong-doing!

financial-demonDuring the January 20, 2016 meeting, everyone was surprised as they listened, while Mary Anne Hayes led the Board, with the assistance of Stephen Kotzas, the attorney, to a revelation.  She explained the entire 366 units, of Burnt Tavern Manor Condominium, are being improperly charged for the monthly maintenance fees.  With the Board members, Peter Alvarado and George Bischoff sitting along side her, Mary Anne further stated, the Board will continue to charge the apartment and Twin Lakes units additional fees, to discount the fees due from the larger units.  Mary Anne further explained, how the Board has ignored the rights of the members for decades.

As so commonplace, Mary Anne stated, they will pursue an amendment to eliminate the legal requirement to use the “percentage interests”, so they can charge as they wish.  This would require stealing a portion of each owner’s property.

With the records showing, several units being owned by the property managers,  the amount of discounts applied to those units, have resulted in a large payoff.

As an observer, it appeared, Mary Anne Hayes has the full support of the other Board members and the attorney,  by their total lack of objections, to continue this form of theft against the members of the Association.

Everyone has spent a great deal of energy, complaining about the rising costs of monthly maintenance fees coupled with the diminishing quality and quantity of service.  For years, the explanations have been diversions and smoke-screens to draw attention away from the property managers.  Now the proof-is-in-the-pudding, with the property manager admitting wrong-doing.  They have caused a long-term loss of market value for nearly 300 owners,  while inflating the market value of their own units, and reaping the benefits.

Isn’t it time to bring in legal counsel that works for the Association’s members?  Isn’t it time to consider this blatant and arrogant action of mal-feasance by the Board’s members, time to say enough?

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  1. I couldn’t agree with annev90 more. I guess time will tell how many are included.

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