Election not held – why postponed?

I don’t understand why the election of a seat on the our board was not held at the January meeting.  There was suppose to be a new election to fill Paul Hayes position.  He’s been labeled as “INACTIVE” since the middle of last year. Personally he’s been inactive for years.  His seat should have been filled then.  And now Maryanne claims his seat isn’t due for election until April.  This is a bunch of “BS”.  The election last April was from an adjournment in January and not the regular month of election.  That would mean the board is just stalling from kicking him off the title.  And now I hear his wife Maryann is collecting titles for herself.  Not only “secretary” but also “trustee”, “treasurer” and “managing agent”.   Just more corruption and crap for us to deal with.  We need to do something as an association and bring legal action to stop this madness.

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